Who used to be the spokesman for colonial penn?

The original spokesperson was Ed McMahon. Other spokespersons included Lou Rawls and Joe Theismann, among others. However, he is director of quality assurance & Escalations at CNO Financial Group. Yes, Jonathan Lawson is a real person.

He served in the Marine Corps from the start and then went on to work for Colonial Penn full time. While working at Colonial Penn, he earned his degree. He continues to work with Colonial Penn and represents them in many commercials and television commercials. As a live spokesperson for Colonial Penn, Lawson succeeded the late Alex Trebek, who was also the host of the popular television show Jeopardy.

The Colonial Penn life insurance products that Jonathan Lawson promotes for older people will not receive benefits for the first two years. This will be done without a spokesperson telling you what's best for you, but rather us explaining why it's best for you. He has worked for Colonial Penn for more than 15 years, helping seniors obtain life insurance. The brand soon signed him a long-term contract with the company, and he even visited Colonial Penn headquarters to meet with company representatives and employees.

He has been with Colonial Penn for more than 8 years and began as a customer service manager and then as a telesales manager. Colonial Penn Life Insurance Company is an American life insurance company based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, founded by philanthropist and AARP co-founder Leonard Davis and owned by CNO Financial Group. Johnathan Lawson works with his team at Colonial Penn to educate people and help them plan for the future. In the Colonial Penn ads, Jonathan Lawson talks about the company's 995 plan, guaranteed acceptance, and how it works for veterans.

We'll be very frank talking to hundreds of seniors like you every month about Colonial Penn's comprehensive life insurance options.

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