What is a commercial package policy?

A commercial package policy (CPP) is an insurance policy that combines coverage for multiple hazards, such as liability and property risk. A commercial package policy allows a business to take a flexible approach to obtaining insurance coverage. The advantage of the CPP is that it allows the company to pay a smaller amount of premiums than if it had purchased a separate policy for each risk. A commercial package policy (CPP) is an insurance policy that combines commercial general liability insurance and commercial property insurance.

A CPP reduces costs, expands coverage, and simplifies the purchasing process. The commercial package policy (CPP) allows business owners to group several commercial policies into a single commercial package policy. For larger or growing companies, or for companies with specialized risks, the CPP may be the better option compared to the policy for business owners. Like the business owners policy (BOP), the CPP follows general policy forms provided by the Office of Insurance Services (sometimes referred to as the ISO commercial package policy).

However, a CPP gives you the flexibility to incorporate additional policies and endorsements into the package to provide greater protection for your business. One of the main features of a CPP is that companies can add numerous additional clauses to the package to customize their coverage. Business package policies allow for a high degree of customization and can combine two or more coverages into a single policy. Companies can include policies such as commercial cars, liability for work practices, and professional liability in their CPP.

Property insurance and general commercial liability are the two essential policies that usually form the basis of the CPP, as most businesses need these coverages. Keep reading to learn more about these business policies, which are the best fit for your company, and contact Fusco experts, Orsini & Associates, for more help. Embroker's business package policy includes premium commercial property insurance, general liability insurance, and business interruption insurance. Both business owner policies and business package policies provide protection for business owners.

For example, you can add inland maritime coverage to your commercial car policy, or you can add crime insurance to supplement your property policy and protect your company's property against risks such as theft by employees. While a CPP combines the forms of coverage that are normally included in a separate insurance policy, commercial policy packages often include more coverage. A BOP will almost always offer the same essential coverages, such as commercial property and general liability. A business owners policy will be a cost-effective option to provide these types of low-risk small businesses with the right amount of coverage in a practical package that can be easily managed.

Austin is an experienced commercial risk advisor who specializes in managing the risk of property-related accidents, 26%, for religious institutions, real estate, construction and manufacturing. Most companies, from contractors to manufacturers, will be able to take advantage of a comprehensive policy.

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