What is considered pleasure?

Pleasure refers to the experience that makes you feel good, that involves enjoying something. It contrasts with pain or suffering, which are ways of feeling bad. While there is no distinction between a pleasure car insurance policy and one for trips to work, the use of the car can be a factor affecting the quote and rate of car insurance. When you take out car insurance, they'll ask you what your car's primary use is, and it's important that you're honest when you answer.

If you use your car for both work and work, respond as your primary use of the vehicle when you request a quote; this will allow you to have coverage for both work trips and leisure. Pleasure car insurance, you're basically comparing usage. Everyday transportation insurance generally covers regular, everyday use, while recreational car insurance generally constitutes occasional use. With more use of commuter vehicles, your transportation insurance tends to be more expensive.

Insurance companies generally define driving for pleasure as cars that are only driven occasionally. Insurance companies vary as to what annual mileage is considered pleasure driving, but it's well below 10,000 miles per year. If you're thinking about taking out classic car insurance, keep in mind that many specialized insurers require that the vehicle only be used occasionally for driving for pleasure and attending classic car events. It's important that you honestly answer your insurer's questions about car use, as lying can be considered auto insurance fraud.

There are many types of car insurance you can buy, but before you decide on coverage, you should consider your daily commute needs and vice versa.

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